Friday, September 24, 2010

Jumping back in- New Aspenisms

Aspen: Mom I need a tissue I have fuzzies on my tongue! *gags*

Me: Ok, get one out of the bathroom, and why do you have fuzzies on your tongue?

Aspen: Because I licked the blanket on your bed.

Me: Why in the world did you do that?

Aspen: Because I was hungry!


Aspen: Mommy isn't that so silly?

Me: Yes it is very funny isn't it?

Aspen: Did it crap you up?

Me: (holding back laughter) It's did it CRACK you up, honey.

New Gentryisms:

Gentry: Ahhhh da da da da ngah mmmmm

He then blows a raspberry & screams at a pitch that is usually reserved for junior high girls.


I'm jumping back in to blogging. I have lots of pics and stories to post and I need a place to put them or I will forget them! More to come....


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Jenn B said...

Cute pic! What a silly girl you have - someday Gentry will be just as silly. You need to update your Profile to include the birth of your 2nd child!!! Love you!

P.S. I know we only had her for like 2 days, but seriously ever since Aspen left, I've been telling Ben all the time how empty the house feels and that I miss having a little girl to play with and tuck into bed and wipe poop off of. :)

Karyn said...

Yes, yes, I know I need to do some major updating, but I just wanted to start posting & work on that later.

Jennifer said...